M & M Income Tax Philosophy

Alinda and Joseph G. Mahaffey, Sr. started a tax service business more than 45 years ago. The Mahaffeys created M & M Income Tax Service in 1971, in response to the needs of taxpayers with uncomplicated tax returns. As a result, M & M still offers high quality, but low cost, tax filing for these clients as well as for small to medium size corporations.

In 1987, the IRS accepted M & M Income Tax Service into the electronic filing program. The company then expanded from our corporate headquarters located in Greenville on Laurens Road to six locations in surrounding areas. In 1995, control of M & M was transferred to Mr. Mahaffey's son, Joseph G. Mahaffey, Jr. Since that time the company has expanded from six locations to our current thirty five locations throughout South Carolina. M & M Income Tax Service employs over 400 tax professionals throughout the state of South Carolina.

Our present success is based on a single underlying philosophy; Excellence in all that we do. In the competitive service industry, it is not enough to be good at what you do. To succeed and to excel, we must be leaders. We become the leader in the industry by setting a standard of excellence. Other firms must meet our challenge of excellence. In the end it is our customers who benefit.

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"M & M helped me get my tax refund fast! Plus, they were able to get me a bigger refund than I could get when I tried to file online. M & M Tax has your back!"

J. Smith - Greenville, SC


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